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ACEM Missions Special Announcement:

As the coronavirus has spread to many countries, ACEM council, after discussion,  decided that effective February 29, 2020 to request all overseas short term missions trips (trips whose destination is outside Canada) between February 29, 2020 and August 31, 2020 to either cancel or delay their trips to after August 31, 2020 until further notice.

The decision is made based on the following possible consequences:

1.  Danger of being infected with coronavirus at the overseas field or on the plane or other mode of transport.

2.  The need to quarantine at least 14 days after arriving back home, and will affect the team members' home, work, school and local church ministries.

3.  Insurance companies may cancel the travel insurance once the Canadian government issued travel advisories or warnings.

4.  The possibility that airlines may refuse boarding of the team or the air flight may be cancelled or delayed due to new development in coronavirus spread.

However due to some teams are going to countries that are currently unaffected by the coronavirus, the following is given

a. ACEM will reimburse the airfare if you purchased it before 29th Feb 2020 according to ACEM Missions Policy.

b. If the team still decides to go to the destination, ACEM Missions will still support financially according to the usual practice.  However, ACEM cannot be held responsible or liable for any aforementioned (items 1 to 4 above) or any additional unforeseeable consequences and expenses.  Each team member will be required to sign a special waiver form.

Examples where " ACEM cannot be held responsible or liable for any aforementioned (items 1 to 4 above) or any additional unforeseeable consequences and expenses" are (not exhaustive):

a.  airplane ticket cancellation

b.  airplane ticket cancellation admin fee

c.  extra air travel fare or other mode of transportation fee

d.  salary or wage loss due to quarantine (during or after the Trip, whether on the field, other countries or in Canada)

e.  extra hotel or other accommodation fee beyond the Trip end period

If you decide to go on with the Trip, we strongly suggest you clarify the support issues with Isabella before you purchase your plane tickets.  Each team member is  required to complete and return the Waiver form prior to the Trip.  Otherwise the application will not be processed.

Pastor Simon Wong (General Director) and Pastor Vincent Lee (Chairperson of Missions Department)


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