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In 1975, Rev. Dr. John Kao was sent by CNEC to plant churches among Chinese communities in N. America.  In the same year, he founded the first Chinese Community Church here in Toronto, Canada.

It is God’s wonderful and abundant grace that has sustained us during the past years. We now have grown to 13 churches (six with their own buildings) with more than 7,000 adults attending Sunday worship services every week here in Toronto, Canada.  God has also sent us more than 80 pastors to minister in different ACEM churches.

Association of Christian Evangelical Ministries (ACEM) is incorporated with the federal government of Canada since 1988.  All the ACEM churches are under the umbrella of ACEM.  The churches share resources and cooperate, to further God’s Kingdom, to enhance the efficiency of ministries.  All these years, the vision of ACEM is to promote and facilitate the expansion of God’s Kingdom through active participation in missions and church planting by all ACEM churches.

Under the leadership of our Founder and co-workers, ACEM and its churches have our distinctiveness in our ministries through the following 5 visions:

  1. A Community of Unity and Love (Mark 12:30-31; John 13:34-35; John 17:20-23)

  2. A Community for Discipleship Training (Matthew 28:18-20; Col 1:28; II Tim 2:2)

  3. A Community for Church Planting (Acts 2:41-47;  9:31; 16:4-5)

  4. A Community for World Missions (Matthew 28:18-20; Luke 24:46-48; Acts 1:8)

  5. A Community for Social Concern (Matthew 5:13-16; 9:35-38; 25:34-40)

For details, please visit ACEM’s website www.acem.ca

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相愛合一 . 培訓門徒 . 增長植堂 . 普世差傳 . 社區關懷

地址: 2750 14th Ave., Suite G-05, Markham,
ON L3R 0B6

Tel: (905) 479-2236   Fax: (905) 479-2232
E-mail: admin@acem.ca
Website: http://www.acem.ca

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