Oh Lord! Your Grace is Sufficient and Your Power Almighty!

By Rev. John Kao

“But he said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.’ Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weakness, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.” (II Cor 12:9)

Although I am weak and plagued with sickness, the Lord’s grace and power has been manifested through me! My weakness has brought even more opportunities for serving the Lord. At the same time I have experienced much more encouragement and sympathy form others. How could I ever have enough physical and spiritual strength to endure the many long journeys and many sermons had there not been fervent prayers by my fellow brothers? My beloved brothers and sisters, not only would I like to express my whole hearted gratitude for your loving concerns, but I also would like to share testimonies of our Lord’s wonderful grace!

Nineteen-ninety eight has proven to be the most important year in my life. The Lord had raised Rev. Harding Ng to continue the work as Senior Pastor of TCCC, thereby sparing me the heavy workload which was started since the pioneering state of TCCC over 23 years ago. I have been accustomed to take the leading role in my service and it is not easy to learn to stay at the background and be submissive. May the Lord continually remind me and strengthen me on his matter.

Since I am no longer responsible for the daily affairs of our fellow churches. I have increased evangelical work outside considerably. The leaders of ACEM allow me to devote a third of my time in assisting the work of CCCOWE. As a result I have many more opportunities to preach. This year I had preached 40 Sunday sermons amongst the ACEM churches: represented CCCOWE in 14 Canadian, 7 American and 2 South African cities: led 7 missions conferences, 6 evangelical meetings, 2 joint revival meetings, 4 summer conferences, many CCCOWE Sundays, several CCCOWE Nights and also a Mission forum. (Each Missions conference or summer conference usually consists of 3-5 sermons.) All are the grace of God! There are times when I am amazed at His wonderful provision of strength. Another reason for these accomplishments to be realized is the loving hospitality of the brothers and sisters at each destination. Let me think all of you for your care!

Some of us had questioned the role and responsibilities of the General Director of ACEM. In fact, I would also like to reflect on this matter as well. Firstly, the General Director should assist ACEM Council members in the planning and implementation of all ACEM affairs; secondly, to assist the ACEM Mission Department in its strategic planning; thirdly, to assist in church planting activities (although this was done minimally this year.); fourth, to assist in the hiring of ministerial staff; fifth, to assist in the handling of interpersonal relationships amongst churches; sixth, to represent ACEM in the handling of public relation matters; seventh, to assist ACEM and its member churches in drafting and consolidating of constitutions; eight, to care for and encourage each ministerial team to unite for the sake of gospel; and lastly, to assist ACEM in ordination of pastors, and commemorations. These would not be easy tasks if it were not for God’s special grace!

Behind all successful entrepreneurs there is bound to be strong family support. This is even more true for such a weak and diseased – plagued person like myself. I thank God for His wonderful grace! He has given me a warm and close family my beloved wife, Esther, has been well-known for taking good care of me! This year, Esther was approved early retirement with full medical coverage from the University of Toronto. This has allowed me to enjoy a lot of benefits. To supplement her pension, she was asked to return and work 2 days a week. God’s plentiful supply can be this abundant and complete! To add to all this, our hearts are warmed and comforted by our sons, daughters-in-law and grandchildren. The Lord granted us our fifth grandson this March. He is a lovely baby with a quiet temperament – full of potential to be a pastor. How I wish our gracious Lord would call on one in our family to serve Him on a full-time basis!

From the above account, would you not agree that all are God’s abundant grace and expressions of His handiwork?! Let us praise this almighty God in one heart. Thank you, our gracious and trust-worthy Lord! Hallelujah!

*translated by Grace Cheng

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