How I Plan to Spend My Sabbatical

By Rev. John Kao

In a conversation with a fellow reverend over the phone, this question was posted to me: “How will you devote your time during the six months of sabbatical leave that was granted unto to you?” I believed the same question also linger in the minds of many brothers and sisters. I shall share with you now the 7 facets of my tentative plan. Whether this scheme will come to its fruition is in the mercy of the Lord and your prayers.

Devotional Training: Because of late nights, sometimes the effectiveness of my morning devotional studies are compromised. Hopefully, with less meetings, less time on the phone and more time for rest during my sabbatical, I may concentrate on the renewal of my devotional and praying practice.

Bodily Training: Apostle Paul urged Timothy not only to value the training in godliness but also of bodily training. Having a busy everyday working schedule can be nerve wracking. It also leave me no time nor the strength for any healthy exercise. Thus the aim of bodily training is my second goal.

Review and Research: They say that “One should discover the wisdom in hindsight so to have malice in fore thought.” From the many seminars, sermons, evangelistic conference, panel discussions attended during the years past, I blurred through a wealth of information but had not the opportunity to thoroughly digest the material. It is yet another goal of mine to again revert back and dwell on these sources and meditate some more. Hopefully then, insights may take shape that may uplift me on the road of servicing the Lord.

Reorganization and Composition: Over the years of ministering the church, a treasure full of information has gathered at my feet. However, before utilization the need is to reorganize and categorize the resources and separate the wisdom from the absurd. In the past, many co-workers and secretaries had help me and I surely will need assistance again. In addition, I solemnly hope to put together some writings and share with the congregations the experiences and insights of the recent years in ministry.

Community Visitation: Still another goal of mine is to visit other churches and ministries to exchange, to share, and be enlighten upon on the serving. Moreover, there are many brothers and sisters that I seldom get the chance to converse or even in their company.

Short Term Mission: Serving is a lifelong commitment that should be unwavering and continuous. Only the means change but the end is still serving the Lord. In many ways changes can rejuvenate and often brings renewing strength. In that entails yet another direction of my sabbatical absence. I recently proposed to ACEM for a visit in June of this year to the Chinese communities of Central America located at Jamaica. And later this year, sometime in October or November, both my wife and I are invited by the Australia council of CNEC/Partners International to give sermons and report on our missionary movement.

Family Reunion: In the years of steadfast service, often family file has suffered the most. The last goal of my sabbatical leave is make amend with this situation. Maybe the simply notion of spending more time with the family is all t he requires. In truth, kinship to one’s family is equally important as kinship to God. I truly hope that my family would model after Joshua as he stated: “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

The above plan entails many facets and many aspirations and I sincerely lay them in the hands of my Lord. For only by Thy grace will they be fulfilled.

*translated by Harley Yang

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