Dr. Keith Kwok

To: Mrs. Kao and family

The moment Pastor Kao passed away, I felt a sense of loss.  A loss to myself, to ACEM, and to all Chinese Churches.  I rejoiced in the fact that he is in Heaven, and not only that, he is in

Heaven with big glory, because for his whole life he has dedicated himself to the commission of Christ, to ACEM churches, to all the chinese churches in the world. He worked selflessly for the blessings of others.

He has nurtured me spiritually for over 30 years through the churches that he established.  The first time i met him was when i moved to Toronto to study medicine. I attended the Beford Park church and met Pastor Kao for the first time.  He striked me as a dynamic leader, a capable pastor with vision, and a no-nonsense person. After all these years, these first impression has not changed. He remained as dedicated, as dynamic, as capable, and even more...... he has bear abundant fruits, been very productive, and brought blessings to many. He lead by setting example.

My personal encounter with Pastor Kao is one of encouragement and attention to personal needs.  His voice and tone are always encouraging and positive. He trusted my opinion.  When i visited him with my family and  mentioned that my daughter was going to Sydney to study, he gave his blessings to her, and even personally called his friend in Australia to accommodate us for a few days.

I felt so honoured to have the chance to visit him at the last moment and thank him for all the things he has done for us. To me, he will always be special.  He will be remembered.  He is my most respected Pastor.

Yours respectfully
Keith Kwok



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